Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Projects That Will Occupy My Time Thru September

In the run-up to writing Seven Thunders (that little project I've been going on about), I feel like getting the juices flowing via diving back into the writing game in a somewhat ambitious way.

There's my submission for Top Cow's 2012 Talent Hunt (something I hope 2004 winner Drew Melbourne does not enter because he's too busy eating steaks or something), which will center around Ji Xi, wielder of the 13th Artifact.  Only eight pages of comic book script here.

There's also "Homeland," a short story I'm composing for Martin Ingham's upcoming time travel anthology.  Ingham was the host of the Shootout, and the final round winner got an automatic entry into the anthology.  Y'all know how my Shootout experience went.  But "Homeland," once it came to me, became irresistible.  For anyone who may have participated and remember my efforts, this will not have anything in common with those stories.

There's also "City of Tomorrow," which I will be serializing at Sigild V, my writing blog (as opposed to this, which is my writer's blog; perhaps more sensible people will combine them).  It's a Superman story by way of Dean Motter via Action Comics #0, which features Lois Lane quipping about "yesterday's city of tomorrow."  Given that I'm a fan of Motter's retrofuturism (and you can read about what I've been reading recently to affirm that here), I thought it would make something of a nice fit for my occasional lapses into fiction based on the creations of others (some call it "fan fiction").  Most of the body of the story comes from random notes I've made recently based on holistic bits of inspiration, which is exactly why I do that sort of thing.  You never know when it'll prove handy.

Technically I also have a Dr. Seuss bio for Bluewater to write, but I'm not sure if I'm protesting their lack of progress on the two scripts I sent them earlier this year or if I'm just being lazy.  I fully intend to do the bio in full Dr. Seuss style, and the challenge of that may also be preventing me from doing it...

Anyway, all of this is to say that I will be getting back into writing fiction on a regular basis.  After I started Sigild last year, I started writing like crazy, and worked on a number of twelve-part stories that got me writing even more regularly, but have recently and very significantly slowed down, perhaps after the release of Monorama (you remember that, don't you?), so all this ambition is really to get me back on my proverbial toes (because in real life I HAVE NONE...just kidding!).


  1. That's a lot of stuff to do. I have to write a bunch of flash fiction stories for a project and work on the sequel to my book, which has been giving me fits. Really I'd rather just lie back and spend most of the remainder of the year napping.

  2. You are one busy guy Tony. Looking forward to the stories and "City of Tomorrow" is a great name once you explain the back story.

    1. I do most of the writing I do because I feel anything but busy, much less productive. I'm riddled with existential angst.


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