Monday, April 16, 2018

Juggling more projects???

Just in case you wondered if I'm working on anything...

In addition to everything I talked about last time, here're more ideas that're threestooging themselves through my creative doors:
  • Montague in the Leviathan - Big book project, wrote a short story related to it a couple weeks ago.  Inspired by a number of real events...
  • The Hired Gun - A sequel/prequel to The Whole Bloody Affair, something I've been working toward since that one...
  • Bandit - An even older project!  A comic book I conceived way back in the '90s but began to refine in 2004...
  • Youths of a Nation - Like The Whole Bloody Affair (but not necessarily Hired Gun), a young adult project...
  • Exemplar - Another comic book project...
  • A Theory of Balance - A sequel to Sapo Saga...Likely to end up serialized on Wattpad, where I'm currently resurrecting 101 Star Wars Variations...
  • An Affirming Flame - A wizard story...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Juggling projects

I know I just wrote about goals for the year, but here's another look at projects:

  • The Write Off - This is from the Millarworld forums.  I've been participating in these for a couple years now, ever since I first visited the forums for the Millarworld Annual contests.  I graduated to hosting the Write Offs several rounds ago, and while participation has certainly slowed from its peak, I'm still proud of keeping them going.  Technically there're two rounds open at the moment, one involving Mark Millar's DC/Marvel work and another based off of The Last Jedi.  I tend to participate as well as host.  Last week I wrote a draft of a script for the Star Wars one, and hopefully will finish one for the other this week.
  • Cloak of Shrouded Men - This was my first book, which I self-published through iUniverse, before free self-publishing became a much more convenient thing.  I delisted it from them a while back in the interest of finally getting a revised edit available through CreateSpace.  I just got a copy of Tom King's A Once Crowded Sky, which gave me another idea of what I could do with it.  Maybe I'll make this a priority.
  • In Greater Fear - This is a new book idea that came to me last week.  Could be very, very interesting.
  • Dirty Animals - This is the comic book project I was talking about last time.  No real updates to report, but it still fascinates me that I'm finally taking an active role in trying to break into the medium.  In hindsight really should've done something like this sooner.
  • poetry - I put out a collection way back in 2012, when I launched this blog, but never got around to putting out further ones, even though the material was prepared years ago.  And I have more material since then that can be prepped, too.  Last week I bought some poetry at a thrift store, and that got me thinking about poems again.  It's not so much the writing but the collections I've really let slip, as I haven't thought of myself as a poet (even while writing quite a bit of it) since college.  Weird.
  • Sapo Saga sequel - Still have this on the docket, but it seems to have been bumped by any number of the above projects.  Would be great to have a publishing contract!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Goals 2018

Looking ahead at the new year, I'm hoping to get a few things I have control over accomplished.

The first of them is a project I'm currently calling Dirty Animals.  It's a comic book, and it's the first time I'm taking an active stance at breaking into the medium.  I've currently got an artist working on the sample eight pages I'll need to potentially interest publishers, and once they're complete I'll hopefully find someone to letter them.  And we'll see from there.  I don't want to go on and on about it at this point, but there it is, first time I mention it here.

The second is writing the sequel to Sapo Saga, which is something I've been working on in notes for a while.  That's my preferred method to working on a new story, working on notes, just seeing how far the development can get.  As far as I'm concerned, if you haven't put in the time with your version of notes, it'll show, and it's the worst literary crime a writer can do, because it always shows, when a writer hasn't thought their story out, aside from whether or not they actually have the technical skills to write a competent story.  It's the thing fans think they're on top of, when discussing movies, the hottest topic of discussion in Western culture, but again, it always shows how little they've actually thought any of it through.  There's a huge difference between an emotional and an intellectual reaction. 

So anyway, that's the two things I intend to work on.  And I'm sure there will be other things.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Appearing in a new anthology just released.

It's always nice to report being published in something I didn't myself put together.  5 Totems is the second anthology edited by Scott Quine (after WriteClubCo, named for the writing group it sprang from) to feature my work.  Here's the Amazon listing for the paperback.

Scott's one of the nicest people I've ever known, and the best boss I've ever had.  The thing anyone knows about him is his abiding love for Chuck Palahniuk, and maybe most people he knows know he looks like Paul Rudd.  His father, Dennis Quine, also appears in the anthology, and I can begin to understand Scott's obsession with UFO radio shows based on the little I've discovered about Dennis recently. 

(I can't say I know Bruce Kooken or Robert Davis, but if Scott vouches for them, they've got to be okay, too.)

I've got six stories in the book, including a Space Corps story I've been itching to write for years.  Actually, the version in the book is an abbreviated take on the one I originally wrote, but Dennis found it confusing, so I tried one that was a little more straightforward.  Dennis read through all my stories, and I rewrote another one ("Nothere") based on his feedback.  It was interesting, that process.  Made the experience seem professional.  The Space Corps story used to be incorporated into two separate books in the saga (outlines, as they have yet to be written), but it seemed prudent to extract the material, put it in its own context.  In a lot of ways, that brought me back to how I used to write Star Trek stories, which was the first fiction of any kind I wrote outside of school projects.  If for some reason you end up actually reading the anthology, the story I'm referring to is "Rue the Day."

A few of the stories have been reclaimed from projects fizzled out with other people over the years, so it was good becoming reacquainted with them and seeing them appear, finally, somewhere.  One of those ("Ajax"), I honestly can't recall the original project, but it was fun to reread, and to remember I could write something like that.  Apparently I have a label for one of them (The Tarnished Age); that story's called "Unsafe at Any Speed."  All I had to do with that previously collaborative landscape was rename the city and a hero from the project's creator.

So, again, thanks to Scott for making this happen, and I hope you'll have a look.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Spoiling for a new project

Obviously I don't check in here terribly often.  I've been trying to figure out what my next project will be.  I completed, recently, a few screw-around projects that had been sitting around for far too long, and that was itself a nice slate-clearing.  The IWSG has a contest with the entry date coming up soon, and I wanted to write something for that, and even started writing it, and maybe will even finish writing it, who knows?  There was another contest I found out about, and thought about taking the IWSG story and using some of its elements for that, but...I didn't really want to deal with the prospect of winning that one, which was extremely unsettling to realize.  I mean, I want to be discovered.  I want to make a living writing stories.  But this contest...Aside from an obscenely generous cash prize, it expected the winner to make a lot of publicity appearances.  Talk about your insecurities...I didn't really envision myself as the kind of person they'd be interested in using for those appearances.  But what do I know?

Anyway, I've been writing comic book scripts regularly again for the past few years, short samples, which has kind of gotten me back into that groove for the first time in a decade.  Recently I found a couple artists who expressed interest in drawing up some of these scripts.  Who knows what will come of it, but I figured I'd document it.

Found out today that the agent involved in the IWSG twitter pitch thing hasn't had a chance to read any of the queries from that event, yet.  So there's always a chance, right?  Seven Thunders still has a chance!  But we'll see, right? 

My latest project may be a Seven Thunders spin-off, actually, another short story set in Space Corps, which is itself always a little thrilling, knowing I'm actually writing Space Corps material, after dreaming about it for so long...

I keep wondering how much of my struggle is because it was always going to be a struggle, and how much because of the way I've approached it.  They say persistence is always the key.  But what does persistence look like?  Obviously I've maintained this blog for five years, but apart from all the self-published material I've put out in that time (!), I haven't really made that much progress.  Persistence as in relentless?  Yeah, not so much.  I lack that kind of drive, and my relationship with the world always seems to be at least passively aggressive.  Writers ought to be in conflict with the world, to a certain extent, but it also seems as if some of them can get away with it better than others.  Recently I've been in a great deal of conflict.  I find myself wondering all over again how it is I could have reached a point where I have no meaningful connections, no one who truly understands me.

Woe is me.  Alas, poor Yorick.  We all end up as skulls, eventually.  What's to worry about?  All the minor tortures, really.  Try, try to keep perspective...

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Just sent a query...

Even though I'm no doubt once again dropped from its membership rolls, I participated in the Insecure Writers Support Group's Twitter pitch session last week, and an agent gave me the go-ahead to send a query letter.

So that just happened.

I sent along a pitch for Seven Thunders.  In the query I acknowledged that it's up on Wattpad, though the first chapter I included is actually entirely new.  The chapter Wattpad denizens have read and commented on is of course the first one, and I got the idea that it needed work, so I'm glad I was spurred to rewrite it. 

Now, I can't say whether or not the facts of the above paragraph will affect the fate of the query, but I feel better for them.  Sometimes you don't realize a rewrite is necessary, and that you really are capable of writing something better, unless something makes you understand.

But, since I've recently watched Midnight in Paris again, I'm full of Hemingway bravado, and am feeling pretty good regardless of the query's outcome.  I thank the IWSG for the opportunity, and the agent for pushing it along a bit more.  Can I really ask for more?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Seven Thunders on Wattpad

I just finished serializing Seven Thunders on Wattpad.  (You can read it here.)

I made it available this way mostly because I'm still uncomfortable about self-publishing it, even though I've since done so for a Space Corps novella (Terrestrial Affairs).  Obviously I've self-published a lot of stuff.  So what's the deal?

I started serializing Seven Thunders back in January (apparently; seems like a long time ago now!), posting chapters about once a week (sometimes more, like this week), taking the time to edit them as I went.  The editing was really the big achievement here.  If you've read one of my self-published books, you'll know that.  I fixed things, and I took things out, and I added a thing here and there, and hopefully generally made the story better than when I started the process.

Seven Thunders is important to me, as the story I've dedicated the most time to, and spent the most time developing, and anticipating the most and being most significant in a backdrop (Space Corps) that I have spent even more time working on over the years.  I've written about it before and chances are I'll write about it again, if I ever decide what to do with it.

Seems in some respects by posting it on Wattpad I made my options shrink, because publishers consider Wattpad as a publishing venue, regardless of how many views you get there.  Yet I found that I had to do something with it, because Seven Thunders had become almost too precious to me.  (Again, anyone who's actually read my self-published books will scratch their heads trying to figure out how that's even possible.)  I needed to find some perspective on it. 

Writing other Space Corps stories, of varying lengths, over the years has helped.  Some of them I posted to my writing blog (Sigild V), and some of them have appeared in various anthologies (and in Terrestrial Affairs).  Just getting Space Corps itself out there is a kind of relief.  But having Seven Thunders itself, which I originally wrote in 2012-2013, be seen is entirely different.  This one's the most personal, this one I've invested everything in.  That sort of thing.

And now it's all there.  Waiting to be judged.  Or not.  I just entered it into Wattpad's "Wattys" competition, where it has a chance to be awarded one of several honors that may not may not help find readers.  At this point I have a little over 200 views across individual chapters, most of them for the first one.  Heavy readership on Wattpad is in the thousands.  I'm nowhere near close.  As far as Wattpad is concerned, Seven Thunders still barely exists. 

It's scary and exhilarating at the same time.  You always want to believe lucky breaks are possible, even though they're one-in-a-million.  What if, right?  But it's out there.  It's finally out there.  That's what it's really about...
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