Friday, August 3, 2018


I'll be headed to the Tampa Comic Con tomorrow, my first full-sized con visit.  If I'd had my kit together, I might have tried to get a table there.  I'll still try to make connections. 

BOLO!  That's one of those trendy acronyms (be on the lookout).  But it's also the name I decided on for the Big Foot comic I previously talked about as Dirty Animals.  I'm talking about it again because it's something I can hopefully circle back around to soon.  All I need is lettering done and I have eight sample pages to shop around.  I had the art completed earlier this year, and then things went kind of screwy and I had to put the project in a holding pattern. 

Obviously I had another existential crisis recently, but then I wrote a different comic book script earlier this week, a MillarWorld writing prompt challenge involving a Superman analog named Exemplar.  I think it turned out well.  Anyway, it's a full-length script that can easily be used as a writing sample, too.  Between that and BOLO, I'm starting to feel a tad bit of confidence about the future again.

We'll see...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Rejection blues...

Well, the short story I wrote as a kind of pilot for Montague in the Leviathan was rejected by a literary journal.  It was one of those rejections that tried to make it sound as positive as possible, leading off with "we loved it!" and finishing with "but it wasn't really right for us."  Which meant they didn't love it.  Who do they think they're kidding? 

So I once again have the rejection blues.  I'm really tired of being a miserable, pathetic failure.  What's the point?  They say to have goals and to have steps to reach them, and you'll do it!  But realistically, everyone can't succeed at everything.  Some of us really are just miserable, pathetic failures. 

And other people get to succeed.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Monkey Flip, Reading Biblically released


Released a couple of books recently!

The first was actually Reading Biblically, which I mentioned previously.  This is a compilation of a blog I wrote a few years back, based on thoughts I had reading the Bible all the way through for the first time.  It's not deeply religiously reverential.  In fact I hope it makes approaching the Bible more approachable. Anyway, check out the results here.

The second was Monkey Flip, the results of having a look at what might be possible from a narrative standpoint from the crazy wrestling stories I've talked about previously here.  It's another novella.  Theoretically there's a sequel waiting to happen in the future!  Anyway, you can check out the results here.

These might be the last self-published releases I do for at least the foreseeable future.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Updates 5/21/18

  • Submitted a kind of proof of concept for Montague in the Leviathan.  I'm proud of the story.  Hope it finds sympathetic readers. 
  • Started writing A Theory of Balance over at Wattpad.  That was actually a few weeks ago, but it's nice to have a start.
  • Also submitted to a contest over at Wattpad.  It's rare I come across an open contest there, so I jumped at the chance.
  • My next projects I actively work on will probably be for Swoon Reads.  Actually, I might take Theory of Balance over there, besides Youths of a Nation.  Trying to find an audience remains a priority with these projects.
  • Toying with a concept I'm working on under the umbrella Annex Edition. 
  • Generated more ideas recently.  Nailed what could be pretty good stories for Superman and Batman, if I ever got a chance to write comics, much less for DC.  Besides those there's also what they call "creator-owned," Young Club.  Ironically or not, the characters in it are not young. 
  • I Have an Abacus at Home, could be a short story.  Probably.  Haven't really written a ton of material for Sigild V lately.
  • Will probably publish Monkey Flip soon.  I'd tell Pat not to read it, but he probably will anyway.
  • He's probably more apt to stay away from Reading Biblically, which is a book version of a blog I did a few years back.  First bit of nonfiction I've self-published.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Juggling more projects???

Just in case you wondered if I'm working on anything...

In addition to everything I talked about last time, here're more ideas that're threestooging themselves through my creative doors:
  • Montague in the Leviathan - Big book project, wrote a short story related to it a couple weeks ago.  Inspired by a number of real events...
  • The Hired Gun - A sequel/prequel to The Whole Bloody Affair, something I've been working toward since that one...
  • Bandit - An even older project!  A comic book I conceived way back in the '90s but began to refine in 2004...
  • Youths of a Nation - Like The Whole Bloody Affair (but not necessarily Hired Gun), a young adult project...
  • Exemplar - Another comic book project...
  • A Theory of Balance - A sequel to Sapo Saga...Likely to end up serialized on Wattpad, where I'm currently resurrecting 101 Star Wars Variations...
  • An Affirming Flame - A wizard story...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Juggling projects

I know I just wrote about goals for the year, but here's another look at projects:

  • The Write Off - This is from the Millarworld forums.  I've been participating in these for a couple years now, ever since I first visited the forums for the Millarworld Annual contests.  I graduated to hosting the Write Offs several rounds ago, and while participation has certainly slowed from its peak, I'm still proud of keeping them going.  Technically there're two rounds open at the moment, one involving Mark Millar's DC/Marvel work and another based off of The Last Jedi.  I tend to participate as well as host.  Last week I wrote a draft of a script for the Star Wars one, and hopefully will finish one for the other this week.
  • Cloak of Shrouded Men - This was my first book, which I self-published through iUniverse, before free self-publishing became a much more convenient thing.  I delisted it from them a while back in the interest of finally getting a revised edit available through CreateSpace.  I just got a copy of Tom King's A Once Crowded Sky, which gave me another idea of what I could do with it.  Maybe I'll make this a priority.
  • In Greater Fear - This is a new book idea that came to me last week.  Could be very, very interesting.
  • Dirty Animals - This is the comic book project I was talking about last time.  No real updates to report, but it still fascinates me that I'm finally taking an active role in trying to break into the medium.  In hindsight really should've done something like this sooner.
  • poetry - I put out a collection way back in 2012, when I launched this blog, but never got around to putting out further ones, even though the material was prepared years ago.  And I have more material since then that can be prepped, too.  Last week I bought some poetry at a thrift store, and that got me thinking about poems again.  It's not so much the writing but the collections I've really let slip, as I haven't thought of myself as a poet (even while writing quite a bit of it) since college.  Weird.
  • Sapo Saga sequel - Still have this on the docket, but it seems to have been bumped by any number of the above projects.  Would be great to have a publishing contract!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Goals 2018

Looking ahead at the new year, I'm hoping to get a few things I have control over accomplished.

The first of them is a project I'm currently calling Dirty Animals.  It's a comic book, and it's the first time I'm taking an active stance at breaking into the medium.  I've currently got an artist working on the sample eight pages I'll need to potentially interest publishers, and once they're complete I'll hopefully find someone to letter them.  And we'll see from there.  I don't want to go on and on about it at this point, but there it is, first time I mention it here.

The second is writing the sequel to Sapo Saga, which is something I've been working on in notes for a while.  That's my preferred method to working on a new story, working on notes, just seeing how far the development can get.  As far as I'm concerned, if you haven't put in the time with your version of notes, it'll show, and it's the worst literary crime a writer can do, because it always shows, when a writer hasn't thought their story out, aside from whether or not they actually have the technical skills to write a competent story.  It's the thing fans think they're on top of, when discussing movies, the hottest topic of discussion in Western culture, but again, it always shows how little they've actually thought any of it through.  There's a huge difference between an emotional and an intellectual reaction. 

So anyway, that's the two things I intend to work on.  And I'm sure there will be other things.
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