Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Brief Update

Since I last checked in here, I mentioned some projects I hoped to finish by the end of the month.  I'm happy to report that progress is looking good.

"City of Tomorrow" over at Sigild V is shaping up well.  Seven chapters done and five to go, just the amount of days I need, since I'm writing one a day, what amounts to a page in the formatting I normally use.  All the major characters have been introduced now.  The first chapter I posted to Twitter spiked interest to half a dozen reads instead of one or two (or none!), so that's pretty good.  I tweeted today's, just to see if history repeats itself.  As per my previous description, the story explores uncharted territory in the history of Metropolis, influential figures in the folklore that exists outside of Superman (all created by me), who is never referenced by name, nor is Lex Luthor, the Daily Planet, or anything but the location name and its popular nickname.  Keeps most of it under my control.

I wrote my entry for Martin Ingham's upcoming anthology, around 2,400 words, which is still not too many, but still respectable.  I had a roadmap for the story, but actually writing it was still pretty surprising, the way it turned out.  I'm pleased with it.  The good thing is, if it's not selected I always have Sigild as a forum.

So just the five chapters and the Top Cow contest script and maybe Dr. Seuss bio to go!


  1. Replies
    1. Now I made sure to follow you with the Twitter account I check more frequently.

    2. You probably missed it because I very infrequently tweet. Easy to overlook.

  2. Read your chapter. Very good stuff. I missed the tweet too. That's twitter for you I guess.

  3. You sound pretty busy - and also very organised.


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