Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Seven Books That Follow "Seven Thunders"

With a nod to PT Dilloway's recent Scarlet Knight timeline/outline for future volumes, I thought I'd give you a sneak at the bigger picture for my current WIP, Seven Thunders, which is part of the greater Space Corps saga, which is something I've developed for almost twenty years.

Before doing so, however, let me just put in a word or two as to why I'm finally writing Seven Thunders, after initially conceiving it in 1998, and why I feel like announcing the rest of the series.  For one, I've written a number of manuscripts at this point (including Modern Ark and Minor Contracts, which I've talked a little about previously, as well as the Yoshimi trilogy, but more on that in 2013), and so have gained a certain level of confidence in my ability to write books I'm satisfied with.  But I'm also beginning to see where my vision can fit in.  Thanks to certain movie and television developments of the past ten years, I've been able to see past some of my original sources of inspiration, Star Trek and Star Wars.  Peter Jackson's Tolkien films, for instance, or Harry Potter, even George R.R. Martin's newfound wide success thanks to Game of Thrones on HBO.  These have widened the public's popular reception for science fiction and fantasy (at a certain point, Space Corps really starts to blend the two genres).  It's not hard to see how the recent past has made it cool to be a geek.

Anyway, that's not really here nor there.  Space Corps is my baby.  I've nursed it to the point of obsession.  It's time to start introducing it to the world.  Seven Thunders, as I've discussed in the past, owes a great debt to the War of 1812, so it's only appropriate that I've begun to make it known in the world in 2012, the bicentennial of the conflict.  It's about two brothers, however, caught in the cross-hairs of a war between civilizations.  I've learned a great deal about this story I've only thought I've known as I've been writing it.  There were some things about it that could only have happened once it became a reality rather than something floating around in my head (and various notes).

And yet Seven Thunders is only the beginning.  One way or another, the saga will continue:

  • The Dark Side of Space, which in many ways is a direct prequel to the story.
  • The Fateful Lightning, which in many ways is a direct sequel.
  • A Tremor of Bones, which in many ways is my favorite Space Corps story.
  • The Feud We Keep With Space, which mirrors many of the elements of Seven Thunders.
  • Dead Letters, which brings the timeline into entirely new territory.
  • The Second Coming, which plays even wilder games with the timeline.
  • The Universe and You, which is an indirect prequel to Seven Thunders.
 Should be fun.  You have the Space Corps scoop right here.  Years from now you'll thank me!


  1. Copycat! I hope you actually do write all of those. Of course mine are already written so I don't have to worry about it.

    1. I definitely will. Unless I am crushed by an anvil.

  2. Nice stuff. "Tremor of Bones" is an awesome title Tony.

    1. I took it from something (don't ask me what at this point) long before "Game of Thrones," which of course it sounds exactly like. I like "Game of Thrones" as a title. I've always loved "A Tremor of Bones." Glad it stuck out for you, too.

  3. I'll thank you NOW, and then you have it in case something happens to me years from now. TAKE CARE OF IT.


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