Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writing Goals 2013

  • Finish Seven Thunders (a third to go; don't stress about this)
  • Serialized stories (at least two in January)
  • Mouldwarp Press success ("Project Mayhem" still accepting submissions; second anthology to follow)
  • Galaxy of Magic (collaboration working toward submission)
  • Publishing contract (books, comic books)
  • Surprise developments (who knows?)


  1. That's a lot of writing goals. I just have two, including the survival of my third book release and a decision to make.
    Do you follow Milo James Fowler? He has a huge list of short story publications that accept submissions.
    Happy New Year, Tony!

  2. Happy New Year, Tony! And best of luck with your writing goals. :D

  3. I keep thinking I should write something for Project Mayhem and then keep forgetting to do it.

    1. Write something! Write it now! It's only 250 words!

  4. Looks like a manageable list, though still a lot of work. Good luck with everything!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse


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