Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Metatron released

via Amazon
For those of you who don't follow Scouring Monk (where I'm once again doing A-to-Z), you may have missed the string of posts I've done about the passing of my mother last week (the majority of them being various YouTube videos concerning songs important to her, presented without comment).  The reason I've released Metatron now is because this is the book I was working on when she was first diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2010.  She was always my most eager reader.  Of all my tricky novels, this is by far the trickiest, insofar as it is basically straight biblical.  There have been a number of mainstream successes in this genre, and one of my favorites authors (David Maine) has written virtually all his books (none of which are necessarily religious, much like Metatron) in it, but I don't know, my confidence isn't what it once was in terms of my writing having a good shot at finding a significant audience (making this a somewhat IWSG post as well), so I shelved any notion of finding a publisher for it a few years back.  This is another shoddy self-release.

Metatron ("voice of god") concerns Adam and Eve, as well as their children Cain and Abel, their stumbling steps in and out of the Garden of Eden as they attempt to reconcile their relationship with God to the rest of humanity as it presents itself along various journeys.  This is well-trod territory, but I hope I've found a few new paths to travel.

Paperback and e-book versions, as always, available.

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