Wednesday, September 7, 2016

IWSG September 2016

The Insecure Writers Support Group meets on the first Wednesday of every month (except in leap years, when it happens on the first Wednesday of every month, the distinction being completely nonexistent, so let's...just move on).

When do you find time to write in your busy schedule?

Taking on the responsibility of working as my niece's primary caregiver for the next year means I have less time to myself than I've had previously.  It used to be, I could massage time a little, if I didn't have a lot, but that's just no longer possible.  So after she goes to bed, I have to figure out what I want to write, because now it's the split between blogging and writing, and writing has suddenly taken on a greater premium than ever.

I used to be a pretty nutty blogger.  I mean, I still technically have a heaping handful of blogs active.  But "active" is not very active these days.  I've slowed down a lot over the past year, but things are changing even more now. 

I have a lot of stories I want to work on.  Two comic book contest scripts are in the pipeline, and the IWSG now has a story contest, with a rapidly-approaching deadline.  I can easily write 5,000 words, but things are different now than when I was pounding out novellas this summer.  That's three projects, all needing to be written soon.  So I don't have time for blogging, or messing around, like I used to, and that's all there is to that.

It's a great change of pace, writing in the evening when you've spent the day interacting with a goofy one-plus-year-old.  Starting tomorrow (last night I started outlining one of the scripts), I should hopefully have gotten some of the work done, and come up with the new kind of discipline I'll need to make this work for the next year.

Wish me luck!


  1. If you're not publishing books what will I borrow every month on my Kindle?

    1. That would imply that you are going to keep publishing books.


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