Sunday, July 30, 2017

Just sent a query...

Even though I'm no doubt once again dropped from its membership rolls, I participated in the Insecure Writers Support Group's Twitter pitch session last week, and an agent gave me the go-ahead to send a query letter.

So that just happened.

I sent along a pitch for Seven Thunders.  In the query I acknowledged that it's up on Wattpad, though the first chapter I included is actually entirely new.  The chapter Wattpad denizens have read and commented on is of course the first one, and I got the idea that it needed work, so I'm glad I was spurred to rewrite it. 

Now, I can't say whether or not the facts of the above paragraph will affect the fate of the query, but I feel better for them.  Sometimes you don't realize a rewrite is necessary, and that you really are capable of writing something better, unless something makes you understand.

But, since I've recently watched Midnight in Paris again, I'm full of Hemingway bravado, and am feeling pretty good regardless of the query's outcome.  I thank the IWSG for the opportunity, and the agent for pushing it along a bit more.  Can I really ask for more?
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