The Cloak of Shrouded Men  (2007) iUniverse

"Last Ride Out of Liberation,"
Villainy (2011) HBE
(short story)

Monorama (2012) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press
(short stories/novella)

Terror of Knowing (2012) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press 

Orbit: Mikhail Prokhorov (2012) Bluewater 
(comic book)

Mouldwarp Press Presents #1 Project Mayhem (2013) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press 

Yoshimi and the Shadow Clan (2013) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press

"A Home More Welcoming," 
The Temporal Element (2013) Martinus
(short story)

The Whole Bloody Affair (2013) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press

"The Cuban Exile Crisis,"
The Kennedy Curse (2013) Big Pulp 
(short story)

Fame: Neil Gaiman (2013) Bluewater 
(comic book)

Pale Moonlight (2014) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press 

"Woes of the English Bachelor,"
The Insecure Writer's Support Group Guide to Publishing & Beyond (2014) Dancing Lemur 

Mouldwarp Press Presents #2 Song Remains the Same (2015) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press

Metatron (2015) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press

"Arturo Belano in America,"
"In Which Tim Kicks S. Morgenstern in His Sleep,"
"The Assasination of Stephen King by the Coward Tim Laflamme,"
WriteClubCo (2015) CreateSpace
(short stories)

Mouldwarp Press Presents #3 Barbarian Translation - The Trojan War (2015) CreateSpace/Mouldwarp Press

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