Sunday, March 31, 2019

Updates, end of March 2019

A quick check-in:
  • Doing the A-to-Z Challenge again this year, again at Sigild V.  This year will be poetry, riffing on a character from Crisis Weekly.  This has the effects of the proverbial birds with a stone, as I've been wanting to do some poetry again anyway, and I figured I owed the A-to-Z folks thanks for the recent book tour thing.
  • Pretty sure I've nailed how I'm going to be writing George & Gracie, after transcribing what I'd written in a notebook at the end of the year and not initially knowing how to proceed from there.
  • Submitted a story.  It's the Montague in the Leviathan proof-of-concept I wrote last year, where I finally buckled down and attempted some straight literary fiction, which I still hope can become a book later, if I can do the necessary research.
  • It suddenly occurred to me that I can turn that Exemplar comic book script into something if I look into getting someone to draw it.  So that's something I'll be strongly considering.
  • It's nice to have a number of prospects in the air.


  1. Good luck with the A to Z challenge Tony, I've bowed out due to certain issues which I never air on the blog scene. Lursa? Qapla! Klingons were yesterday but where theres a will Lursa will find a way!


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